German fireworks industry becomes a victim of symbolic politics

The ban on the sale of fireworks must be lifted!

Once again, Corona is being used as a pretext for a ban on fireworks. While the Bavarian state government gives the number of injured for the whole of Bavaria on New Year's Eve 2019/20 with 25 people, the fireworks ban is justified by the threat of overloading the emergency rooms by thousands of injured.

Populism and symbolic politics at the expense of an industry shaped by medium-sized family businesses

Retailers in Poland and Austria are now sold out because Germans go there for shopping. At the same time, traditional companies and hundreds of employees are on the verge of extinction.

Peter Sauer is the fifth generation to run an art fireworks factory near Augsburg. During a visit on 18 December, I learned about the consequences of Corona and the renewed ban on fireworks for his company and the industry.

"Large fireworks during the year are our main business. Demand for it has plummeted by over 90% in the two Corona years. Instead of 120, there were only 5 in 2020 and twelve in 2021. Despite a reduction from 6 to 3 employees, we have only survived this with Corona aid. The sales ban for New Year's Eve does not affect us as dramatically as the big players in the industry, e.B. WECO. For such companies, up to 90% of the annual turnover depends on New Year's Eve," reports Sauer.

Fireworks are not the problem

Accidents under the influence of alcohol, self-made firecrackers or unapproved fireworks items from abroad, not the high-quality fireworks products offered here, are a burden for emergency rooms.  

Prohibition zones in certain areas, a ban on particularly loud firecrackers and the general corona rules would have been sufficient to take account of the corona situation. The sales ban is disproportionate and an unnecessary blow to the entire German fireworks industry. It is absurd that, on the one hand, corona aid is paid for from tax revenues, on the other hand, revenue losses are caused by excessive bans in our country and postponed abroad.

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