Alexander Meyer

Candidate for the 2023 state election in Bavaria

For the 2021 Bundestag election, I ran as a direct candidate of the FDP Augsburg Stadt / Königsbrunn, for the 2023 state election I support the election campaign as a list candidate of the city of Augsburg in the constituency East.

Why political engagement?

After decades in which freedom, the market economy and thus prosperity have spread globally and made life better for billions of people, the threat to these values of freedom is increasing again.

Climate change, migratory pressure, debt and an ageing society – these are the basic problems for us in Europe and Germany. Too many solutions only fight causes, rely on prohibitions and even more bureaucracy, are content with complacent moralizing or rely on the eternally failing socialist dreams.

Differentiated and ideology-free thinking, real fight against causes and intelligent solutions should be the basis for political action. Unfortunately, such solutions are usually harder to convey than populist or moralizing ideas. I try to do my part.

All this means to me today:

Liberal ideas and concepts are more important than ever!

If not the image of a party, but the program were decisive for the election, then the FDP would have the absolute majority!

Alexander Meyer


Entrepreneurial experience, working as an independent lawyer for IP law and employment law, a good deal of life experience as a father of 4 children and diverse voluntary commitment, these are the ingredients that shape my political convictions and goals.


I live and work in Augsburg, but I don't just like to discuss with you live and in color, but also on social media. You can find me mainly on Instagram and TikTok. The other channels can be found here.

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Social media

Especially via videos or posts in social media, a large part of political communication takes place today, but also of opinion formation and social discourse. I find this exciting and would be delighted if you could network with me there.

Particularly interesting are currently video platforms such as TikTok and the formats adopted from there on Instagram and Co. So, it's best to stop by here and follow:

Do you have any questions for me? It's best to put them on right now via my profile – then other interested parties will also see it.

For entrepreneurs:

Medium-sized companies – family businesses, craftsmen, start-ups – are known to be the prosperity engine of our economy.

As a board member of the Liberal Mittelstand Schwaben, I am particularly concerned with the topics that have to do with the middle class.

As a lawyer, I often have to struggle with the problems of the middle class.

From the 2021 election campaign

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